Maternity Basics

Whoever said orange is the new black was obviously not pregnant.  Because I wouldn’t be caught dead in orange. Black is my current love language.  Well, black and Chips Ahoy … which may very well be the reason I’m crushing on black but I’m gonna just go ahead and blame the baby. Because I can .. for 2 more months at least.  Black is life when your womb is sticking out “past your boobies” as my toddler puts it. (Not hard to beat anyway ?) But seriously, my toes are starting to disappear.  Baby got back .. and front! 

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Maternity clothes have always been a sore subject for me.  For some reason it’s impossible to find maternity jeans in a size 0.  You’re allowed to have a waist size until you’re with child, and then you have to fit into one of few sizes; S, M, L, XL.  And small just isn’t cutting it.  It’s discrimination.

Leggings have become my new favorite flavor of bottoms.  They’re my number one most necessary maternity basic!  Don’t even try to grow a human being without at least 3 pairs of these warm, embracing, tight pants.  This pair is under $13 which is definitely means for some hormonal tears.  

Maternity tanks are another key factor in my wardrobe.  While I love having maternity tops, sometimes I feel like they just add 10 lbs.  Add that to the 10 lbs the camera adds and I’m bound to hate every picture of myself.  Maternity tanks allow you to use pieces from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe too.  Remember those rows of hangers in your closet that used to be so inviting?  I know.  It’s been a long time for me too.  But a lot of my shirts, cardigans, and jackets still work with a tank underneath (preferably black).  

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You definitely need some maternity v-neck tees that you can throw on with sweatpants, jeans, or leggings.  And would you judge me if I said I love mine in black? .. Not just for the slimming effect, but also for the fact that it hides stains a lot better than white.  And when your belly has become your new TV tray, stains are bound to happen.  And in regards to the aforementioned sweatpants – you definitely need these joggers if you are in the business of growing little people.  A good pair of joggers go a long way – and by that I mean I wear mine every chance I get.  When it’s time to wash them (after I’ve pushed the limits and wore them 6 several days in a row) I’m like a toddler whose waiting for their lovey to reappear after a joy ride in the washing machine. 

Since I am cursed in the maternity jean department, this belly band has become my new best friend.  It let’s me “try” to squeeze into my pre-preg jeans and semi-comfortably wear them.  It holds them up unbuttoned and even unzipped, which is the only way I style my old pants these days.  Thuggin’ it.

Basically, the key to a maternity wardrobe is comfort.  And lots of chocolate.  Those two things will not make it any quicker, but a little more bearable.  Unless you have heartburn, then the chocolate is a terrible idea.  And I’ve learned from experience that heartburn does not lead to a baby with lucious locks of hair.  Lies they tell you during pregnancy.  

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