Weekly Update

I’ve decided to try and do a weekly update.  Emphasis on “try”.  Strong emphasis on “try”.  Please do not hold me to anything.  I am growing a child and have basically given myself a big fat F in the categories of commitments and/or follow-through.  

As a “blogger”, I sometimes get wrapped up in what to post. What do people want to see.  What will get the best engagement.  Then I try and remind myself that this is MY space (not the original myspace though – I’m not that cool) to share MY life and if people don’t care to see it, then that’s ok with me.  I want to post my favorite memories that I can look back on whether it has 143 likes or 1,430. … But, obviously all likes are appreciated ?.

We spent the weekend in Utah celebrating baby girl Ericksen and baby girl Bird (my sister is also pregnant with her third girl).  What in the literal heck?  Why does our family have so much estrogen?  Will there ever be a boy in our future?  The world will never know.  We had so much fun at our joint shower and I cannot wait for these baby girls to join the family.  Yes, my sister is due before me.  And I’m kind of bitter about it.  The girl is so selfish.


Thank you to all our friends and family who came and helped make our day so special! I cannot wait to use all these fun things on Lady Ericksen #3.   

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The nursery is coming along, sloooooowly but surely and I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!  If only this nesting thing would actually happen for me.  I have good intentions but -13% motivation.  The same could be said for my diet and exercise regimen … 

Spring is coming and I am so excited for ALL things Spring! Warm weather, skirts, t-shirts, warm weather, a new baby, Easter … did I mention warm weather?!  I’ve linked a bunch of my favorite Spring skirts that I can’t wait to fit into again!  I’ve also linked this rug because SO MANY people have been asking me about it.  I’m in love to say the least.  

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I’ve hit the point where I’m not purchasing maternity anymore.  Instead I am focusing on POST-maternity clothes!  Hoping I fit into all my favorite jeans soon!  (Fingers crossed.) But this maternity dress is so amazingly flattering and makes me FEEL good.  Something I don’t feel too often these days.  ASOS is life.  

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That’s it for this weekly update and bumpdate.  *Hopefully* I’ll see you back here same time next week!  If not, you’ll just have to leave a comment and forgive me.  If I miss it, it’s likely that I’m doing something super important … like taking a bath and singing karaoke.  

Hope you all have a lovely week!

xoxo Jamie