Nursery Reveal

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Being on bed rest has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  So basically I am a first-class baby because there are people with real trials, and I’ve cried a river of tears worthy of Justin Timberlake’s approval about being stuck in bed.  I don’t know how people do this for months at a time without going crazy or broke .. (I’ve spent way too much money trying to cure myself with retail therapy).  

The one good thing that has come from me being cooped up in the house is the nursery was finished.  I sat in the rocking chair and my husband built furniture, moved furniture and decorated (and redecorated) according to my directions.  He’s the greatest and I really could not have survived these last few weeks without him.  He has an amazing genuine way of showing his love and I am so grateful for his help and support while I’ve been riding a non-stop emotional roller coaster.  I would so much rather be at Disneyland riding a real roller coaster.  Or just eating churros.  That’d be dandy.   

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But now, our nursery is done and we can officially say: we are ready for you baby girl! … (like .. yesterday!)

I was thrilled to work with Color Ray to add a touch of fun to the nursery walls.  Being that we own our home, (all the heart eyes after living in on-base housing for the last three years) we really wanted to make it our own! I loved the idea of wallpaper but I didn’t love the idea of taking it off in 3 years when it’s time to move and we possibly sell.  #militarylife right?  Insert removable wallpaper.  The best of both worlds as Miley Cyrus would say.  

We sent the measurements of our wall to Color Ray and they sent us a customized removable wallpaper perfect for our wall.  The application process wasn’t too tricky.  The self-adhesive wallpaper doesn’t require any glue and it allows you to peel and stick as many times as you need to without damaging the wall or the decal.  The hardest part was just lining it up.  It took us a few tries to get each piece aligned but once we did, we basically just stuck it on.  Heavy emphasis on we, though, because this is definitely not a one man job.  Any bubbles that we had on day one were either easy to get out or they disappeared on their own.  Score!  I couldn’t love this wall more and love what it adds to our nursery.   

I’m glad everything came together because the vision in my head made me super anxious.  I sent my sister many Marco Polos asking for her advice on design details .. she probably wanted to uninstall that app in a bad way.  But I wouldn’t let her. And she really helped me out. 

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I can’t wait to rock baby girl in this corner.  I wouldn’t mind if we got the ball rolling on that today.  Going into preterm labor has messed with me mentally guys.  I’ve got pre-partum depression going on.  Send me all the positive vibes.  And feel free to some of those labor-inducing vibes my way because I am so ready.  

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Touch of Rose Wallpaper: c/o Color Ray Decor

Rug: c/o Lorena Canals Rugs

Thanks for reading guys! Feel free to pin pin away ?


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