Santa Paws is Coming with Tyson True Chews

This post is sponsored by Tyson True Chews and all opinions are my own.

Santa Paws is coming to town! Feliz Navidog! Bring on the Holiday puppy puns.

Many of you know Skeeter, our big old Hershey’s Bar of a dog. We got Skeeter 4.5 years ago at the worst possible time. But she is the best mistake we ever made. We had no clue what we were doing as fur-parents. And with a 2 year old and 1 year old already at home – we were bat shiz crazy to think we needed to add a puppers. But we did. And I am so glad we did. 

Skeeter is technically my hubby’s dog. She was “his” birthday present even though I was the one beggggggging for a four-legged friend. Those two are thick as thieves. She’s his hunting buddy and, I would say his “best friend”, but we all know she ain’t got nothing on me. 

This deployment has been extra hard on all of us. But my heart aches for our poor pooch who has no idea why her BFF left and if and when he’s coming home. Anxiously waiting every time the garage opens to see if it’s him. (Me too Skeeter. Me too).

I wanted to do something special for Ms. Skeet this Christmas so we’re decking the halls with True Chews. These treats are 100% natural, containing no corn, wheat, or soy, no animal by-products and no artificial flavors or preservatives. A treat that we can both enjoy! … Well, I’m not going to enjoy it by ingesting it. But I’ll enjoy the fact that it’s full of only the best ingredients. True Chews are chocked full of protein to keep your four-legged friends on the go. And they’re made and sourced in the USA. We’re obviously big fans of the ole’ red, white, and blue. 

This Holiday season, don’t forget you pets who make you feel like barkin’ around the Christmas tree. They deserve a little goody in their stockings too.

You can purchase True Chews at various pet retailers today!