Fave T-Shirt Dresses

Summer wardrobes guys, it’s tough. Sweaty, sweaty, and sweaty. It’s tricky when you’re trying to remain modest, yet not sweat your baguettes off.

That’s why the T-shirt dress is a fantastic invention. They’re breezy and long enough for me, yet not too long. Long enough is definitely a necessity because if I bend over  (any mother of a 2 year old would know that that’s inevitable) my bum isn’t hanging out! That’s always a plus for me.  A negative for my husband … but definitely a plus for everyone else around.

This dress pictured was actually one of my first outfit posts on this blog. If you’ve been here for awhile, you may remember. Hopefully my blogging has improved since then. I know my photography has improved … because Nora has gone from a 3 year old photographer to a 7 year old photographer. That kid got skillz.

And because this dress is 4 years old, you guessed it, it’s out of stock. But I’ve linked some of my other favorite t-shirt dresses.

They’re really the best option for summer attire. Gotta keep things easy and breezy.

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