Hashtag Red White and Blue

Nothing makes me feel more #merica than my husband.  He is my favorite reason I put my hand over my heart and the only reason I know all the words to Wild Blue Yonder … even the profane ones.  ?  Before marrying into the Air Force – I didn’t know much about patriotism.  The Fourth of July was just an excuse for my Mom to buy us matching Old Navy flag T-shirts and collect candy at a parade.  Memorial day was just a day on the calendar I looked forward to as it represented the beginning of Summer.  …  And the beginning of snow cone season!  And red and blue were just a couple of colors among others in the infamous ROY G BIV acronym.  

But now, I have a compelling reason to fly my red white and blue.  Now, I get tears in my eyes when I hear The Star Spangled Banner.  And now, I feel I can sincerely use #patriotic on my Instagram, and not just in a hipster way.  

My hubby is that reason.  And I am so grateful for him and his selfless service to this country.  

(Also, I don’t know if there is anything cuter than a toddler in hearing protection.)

The last 3 years of training have been hard, time-consuming, lonely (at times), stressful, exciting, scary, and exhausting.  Emphasis on the exhausting.  Especially this last week.  And I’m not even the one in training.  (Crying like a big tired zombie baby emoji).  But there are these milestones that we reach that make this crazy ride totally worth it.  Like that green flight suit he gets to wear.  #worthit.  

Another #worthit moment we had last week was seeing him take off in the F-15 for the first time.  3 years of blood (not really), sweat (heck yes we sweat our butts off in Florida),  and tears (137% of them shed by me) were made worth it as I witnessed this flight! Basically, Neil Armstrong ain’t got nothing on my hubby.  

As I looked in the sky and saw this (super sexy) jet flying around and knew it was my man doing loop-de-loops and pulling G’s, I. Seriously. Started. Crying.  And not because the sun was shining super bright in my eyes.  Guys, I cannot explain the level of pride and satisfaction I felt watching him fly and achieve his dreams.  I can’t even fly a dang paper airplane.  Or a kite.  I cannot even imagine flying a jet with 263,985,498,654 buttons and switches. …  And doing it upside down. (Deer in the headlights emoji).  

I am so grateful for this guy and his consistent dedication to his dreams and his family.  He works so hard and then comes home, puts an apron on, and makes dinner.  And then mops up my tears and sings me lullabies.  He is my favorite person in this whole world and I am so so so proud of him .. and proud that he’s mine.  




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