Pet the Jet

We had a fun opportunity a few weeks ago to see, upclose, the most amazing aircraft in the United States Air Force!  The F-15!  

I have to say, my husband has the sexiest job in the whole wide world.  And the sexiest uniform! That big green onesie? ? Yeah baby! 

It was so fun to get up close to this hunka hunka burnin machine.  And I was melting like a popsicle on the fourth of July thinking about my hubby flying this bad boy.  

It was fun to show the girls Dad’s “fire airplane” as Nora would say ?

We love our Air Force life!  And the fun things we get to see and do.  Being able to pull 5 G’s and do barrel rolls in this thing was the highlight of my Summer! …. Ok, you caught me.  The only G’s I’ll be pulling this summer are on the Gravitron at the county fair. 

For some reason these guys won’t let me ride in this darn thing!  But, they did let me experience the simulator.  Which not only gave me motion sickness but also crashed 2 seconds after I stepped into the pilot’s seat.  I’ll stick to flying kites and paper airplanes.  

This dress is from Old Navy and on sale for under $18!!

These cutest shoes are from Target!

Also, note my middle toenail on my left foot? I ripped that sun of a gun CLEAN off! Curse these ogre toes of mine! They’re always getting in the way and stubbed on things! 

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