Halloween 2021

Halloween has come and gone again! Once again, I homemade our costumes! … Once again, I procrastinated the crap out of the project and was maniacally sewing all hours of the night until Halloweve.

But, once again, the pictures are worth the hours of sewing and £100 of fabric ….

Seriously, what is wrong with England? Why can you not find fabric here?

This year I also made all the costumes without patterns because I just couldn’t find them, nor did I want to pay for them after purchasing, what should have been illegal prices on cotton fabric.

Our first Halloween in England was the perfect year to do Peter Pan. My only regret is not wearing these on the tube up to London and taking photos in front of Big Ben.

Did we consider getting dressed up again this week just to get those photos? Yes. Yes we did. Did we shut it down pretty quickly? … Yes. Yes again. If you’ve gotten 5 people ready for halloween; hair, make-up, costumes, accessories, melt downs, etc, you know exactly why that wasn’t an option.

Thanks for reading and following our fun adventures and traditions!