Tess’ Bedroom

2 bedroom posts in one month? Why not? I haven’t posted much on my blog in the last (crazy, overseas-moving, military living) 6 months of life – but why not throw up two bedroom reveals within weeks of each other? Listen, I don’t make the rules of blogging. I also don’t live by them. Don’t actually even know them. I do my own thing and sometimes that includes a major hiatus of posts.

Today, I give you Tess’ bedroom!

You know my love for removable wallpaper. I’ve adorned several walls of our homes with it. But I haven’t ever done anything so bold. And I was really nervous about this print.

I was afraid a dark bold print would make her small english room look even smaller.

But it’s done no-such-thing! It added such an incredible level of dimension and character to her room! I could not love this dark wallpaper anymore.

Even though I won’t let me kids mix patterns when they’re choosing their clothes, I am all for mixing patterns in decor. This floral wallpaper patterned with our Beddy’s bed set.

I love the bohemian vibe of her room and sometimes, when all the toys are picked up, and the diaper genie isn’t offending my nose, and the blinds are up, I like to just sit in her room and look at this beautiful wallpaper!

As always, we choose Coloray Decor for all our wallpaper needs. They were kind enough to send us this print for Tess’ room. Their wallpaper is easy to install, and even better, easy to remove if and when you should need to. Renting? It’s the perfect option because it peels right off without any damage to the walls. Hashtag renter friendly!

If you’re looking for a tutorial, you can see mine here.

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