Mixing Halloween into your Decor

If you need proof of my love for the Holidays see here, here, or here.

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Decorating is just one of my many (many) love languages. And now that I have 3 mini-me’s that are also obsessed with adorning the house in all things from the Target Dollar Spot – it’s a love affair!

We start early on. Like is September 1st too early?

Especially this year, saying goodbye to our daddy so early in October we wanted to enjoy some of the season with him too.

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I used to struggle with decorating for The Holidays. And by “used to” I mean I still do. How do you mix skeletons with succulents? How do you meld cheery and creepy? Do I need to buy a whole house full of spooky decor to take the place of every knick knack on every shelf?

I still don’t have the answers to these questions, but I do think we found a good balance this year. We kept things affordable. Yet keep in mind that affordable is a very relative term … depending on if you follow Dave Ramsey or not. (Dave Ramsey would not approve of this post. What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.)

I’d love to know how YOU decorate for this spooky season! Do you focus on Fall decor or Halloween? Do you decorate every room or just the mantle? All questions I need to know the answers too ladies. Keep me posted!

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My tips are to try to keep colors where you can. Find pumpkins that match the colors of your rugs and trinkets. Add cobwebs, spooky fabric and spiders over top of existing pictures, mirrors, etc.

Throw bones into any vessel you already have for decoration. Pitchers, vases, bowls etc. Fill em with dem bones!

Bats are the perfect addition to any wall. These from Amazon are my favorite bats I have used and come with their own adhesive.

And adding a spooky saying to a letterboard is just the finishing touch to the bad boy!

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