Come one, come all. I have the greatest giveaway planned and I am so excited to introduce this to you!

But hear me out while I preface this. My hubby is deployed. Hmm … you didn’t know that? Have you been living under a rock? It’s all I talk whine about these days. That means our one and only will be having Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas with Uncle Sam. We are insanely proud of our handsome aviator, but it totally sucks to spend the Holidays without him.

Christmas is my absolute favorite Holiday. And I feel sick to my stomach about a Christmas morning where I can’t share the laughs and smiles on my girls’ faces with my best friend. It feels unnatural and honestly empty to be doing this alone. Decorating the tree, sending lists to Santa, (shoveling the driveway), listening to Christmas music. It’s all hard to enjoy and I hate that for my babies. I want them to enjoy this season as much as years prior. That’s why I knew I needed to really hone in on the true meaning of Christmas this year. The most magical Christmas’ I had growing up were ones that revolved around others and spreading the Light of Christ.

I love the Light the World effort that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has organized. It’s a great way to serve those around us and really spread love and joy this time of year. When we focus on others, we forget about ourselves and we are truly filled with peace and light.

I knew this year, we needed to get our bums in gear and open up our hearts to more service. To encourage myself, I created this fun Light the World BINGO game! And I want you all to play along! To make this fun, I have teamed up with some amazing people to giveaway a smorgasbord of amazing prizes to a few lucky BINGO winners!

The prizes include:

$100 Amazon Gift Card $100 Target Gift Card Christ Painting by BrushWorkBabe $50 Poppy and Dot Shop Credit $100 Jane Shop Credit Eternity Spray Bottle & Silver Brush from Bathpack $25 Visa Gift Card $50 Brickyard Buffalo Shop Credit Item of Choice from JandBay Co. Shop Credit to Boon Ties $50 Shop Credit to Shine Cosmetics

You can see all the details on how to play along on my Instagram.

But I have some fun downloads for you at the bottom of this post! Download this fun Light The World Calendar to fill in for yourself and this list of service ideas.

I hope you will join us in our efforts to get serving! To spread the Light of the Christ Child who brought light to this earth that first Christmas day. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the greatest gift that he gave to me, for me, and for you. Join us in serving this Christmas season and spreading that love to those all around us! I would love to hear your thoughts if you are going to participate this December!

Head to my Instagram to join in on the fun!