Tess Turns One

I have been in denial about this date. The one that signifies one trip around the sun for my littlest lady. The one that means I should prolly quit referring to her age in months and should now make the transition to dreaded years. But the day came and went and I’ve just been pretending like it didn’t happen. Will that turn back time? I’d really like to know if Cher ever conquered that whole time-traveling gig because I need to “turn back time” and get my infant back.

When Nora was 12 months (aka one year old), I was already pregnant with Gwen. And she seemed so old. She was a toddler. Our baby days were behind us. She was basically wiping her own bum and sweeping up the crumbs from under her high chair. But Tess? No. I refuse to categorize her as a toddler. Bleh! She’s a BABY. And she’ll be a baby as long as I darn well say she is.

Curse word! Why has a year gone by so fast?!

Things I love about this stage … aside from the mathematical definition of the stage of course.

Tess is a dancing machine. Every time we hit play on Spotify she gets jiggy with it. But rather than lighting up at the joy of dancing, she gets this look on her face as though she has a moral obligation to bob her head and wiggle her feet simply because music is playing .. and Kevin Bacon didn’t shake his A all over Bomont and challenge the anti-dancing ordinance for her to just sit there when the tunes are on! The girl’s got to dance!

Tess blows kisses, waves “hi” and “bye” .. depending on whether she’s thrilled to see you or ready to see you go. She signs “all done” and folds her arms for the (first 2 nanoseconds) of the prayer. She says, “uh-oh” “mama” “dada” and her favorite “doggy”. She lights up when Skeeter (our pooch) comes near her .. and if Skeeter could smile, she would have the same reaction because, thanks to Tess, she gets fed 4 more times in a day than she used to. She gets scraps from baby Tessy all day long .. and her flatulence is full-blown proof.

I know I want another baby. But I don’t know when. What I do know is that the closer we get to that time, the closer we get to the end of my bringing babies into this world. And that to me is truly devastating. I love newborns. I love infants. I love the newborn phase. I love the pure innocence and true heavenly bliss that they bring into our home. And Tess getting older is just another reminder that that door will eventually have to close.

I know I need to celebrate this time. Celebrate us all surviving a year. Celebrate the beautiful baby that she’s grown into and the joy she brings into our lives on a daily basis. I know I need to celebrate the fact that she’s growing and developing and becoming her own little person. But if I had a universal remote like Adam Sandler on Click, I would hit pause faster than you can hit Play on the newest episode of The Bachelor.

One thing I do love is that Tess and my niece Reece are so close in age. Well, all of my nieces are close in age to my daughters. It is so fun when Brittney and I get together. I love that these girls love each other and will grow up going through similar life stages and meeting similar milestones. And celebrating these babies turning one together was the perfect example of that.

And have you ever met a cuter baby in glasses?! I love this little girl so much!

Thanks for reading and humoring me. This first birthday business has truly been bitter-sweet. I would love to know what your thoughts and feelings have been with your babies turning one. Is it hard for you mommas too??

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  1. Aw! Happy Birthday sweet one! My youngest just turned one too and it was the hardest one for me. My little girl needs to stay a baby!

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      If you ever figure out how to make her stay a baby forever let me know!! lol it’s so hard to let them go!

  2. I hear you loud and clear mama! I don’t want my baby to be two in just a few days, I really don’t! I loved all my babies in their sweet, innocent stages when they showered me with kisses, cuddled on my lap and just wanted to be snuggled! Now I’ve got three kiddos running around demanding my attention, wanting this or that, to go here or there and I just want my babies back! But honestly, each age has its own amazing pros and while I’m still grieving my “infants”, I love the little people they are becoming <3 Happy Birthday, Tess!

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Thank you Ashley!! You said it perfectly!! How did the big second birthday go?? I love the innocence of infants and the unconditional love but you’re right, watching them learn to read or ride a bike is also very rewarding!!

  3. What sweet photos, mama! Congrats on this big and bittersweet accomplishment as a mama. Having my kiddos turn one gave me all the feels.

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Glad I am not alone! It really is an emotional rollercoaster! And now I want another one haha

  4. Looks like a lot of fun

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      So much fun!! And some sad tears too haha

  5. What a fun time!

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      So much fun! Thanks for following and reading!!

  6. My son recently turned one too and I can totally feel you! Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      It’s such a bittersweet day! Congrats to you too!! Thank goodness it is such a fun age!

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